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Reach Thousands of Asian Travelers Interested in Hawaii


Well before takeoff, travelers are researching all the best things to do in Hawaii including where to stay, where to shop, and where to eat. So how do you get your brand in front of them during this crucial planning stage? And how do you stay right at their fingertips when they’re searching on a whim even after arriving on-island? That’s where MyHawaii comes in.


Consistently ranked at the top of the most popular search engines in Asia—such as Google, Yahoo! Japan, and Naver—the MyHawaii portal sites feature content all about Hawaii in Japanese, Korean, and Simplified Chinese. From hotels, shopping, and dining to culture, events, and entertainment, MyHawaii has built a huge following by serving as the premier Hawaii travel source for first-time and repeat tourists of all ages.

MyHawaii Logo

MyHawaii Arukikata (MyHawaii.jp)

  • URL: https://www.hawaii-arukikata.com/
  • Language: Japanese
  • Page Views per Month: 700,000
  • Unique Visits per Month: 250,000
  • Email Subscribers: 28,000
  • Facebook: 36,208
  • Twitter: 31,200
  • Instagram: 32,600


  • URL: https://www.myhawaii.kr/
  • Language: Korean
  • Page Views per Month: 71,300
  • Unique Visits per Month: 32,000
  • Naver Blog Page Views per Month: 300,000
  • Naver Blog Unique Visits per Month: 120,000
  • Facebook: 5,832
  • Instagram: 3,272

HAISHA (MyHawaii.cn)

  • URL: http://myhawaii.cn/
  • Language: Simplified Chinese
  • Page Views per Month: 34,300
  • Unique Visits per Month: 18,648
  • Weibo: 10,042
  • WeChat: 3,146
  • Users: Chinese visitors across Mainland China, Taiwan, Singapore, and Malaysia


MyHawaii Advertising Opportunities

Interested in gaining valuable brand exposure on MyHawaii? PRTech can help you design, develop, and produce culturally appropriate advertorials, banners, copy, and videos that appeal to your target market.

For merchants at Ala Moana Center, Royal Hawaiian Center, and/or Kahala Mall, the MyHawaii portal sites serve as designated media to fulfill required advertising spend.

Online Advertorial Pages

Tell your brand story while showcasing your best products, services, or special promotions through an interactive, in-depth online advertorial page. Advertorial pages include unique branded design, localized copywriting, a photo and/or video shoot, ongoing editorial coverage on MyHawaii social media, preferred PR coverage, and email newsletter consideration.


Increase brand awareness and generate leads through visually appealing banner ads placed right alongside relevant news and travel information about Hawaii.