Search Engine Optimization

What is Search Engine Optimization?


When people need information about a topic or an answer to a question, pulling up a search engine has become practically reflexive. Because search engines are trusted to return the most relevant results, the first few links provide critical positioning for businesses, whether a customer is simply doing research or looking to book, visit, or make a purchase at that very moment. This makes organic search visibility one of the most powerful aspects to a brand’s online presence.


Effective Search Engine Optimization (or SEO) stems back to the overall user experience and technical efficiency of a website—and that’s where PRTech can help!


  • SEO Audit

    We’ll assess all technical, on-page, and off-page aspects of your website to identify the areas of improvement needed to boost visibility in search.

  • Keyword Research

    By pinpointing the right mix of branded and general keywords, we can help improve the quality of your website traffic by attracting the right kind of customers.

  • Content Optimization

    We’ll level up the content on your website in a way that captivates your audience and provides them with information they need while naturally integrating keyword phrases.

How SEO Works in Japan

Japan represents an attractive but unique market that requires language and cultural expertise in order to effectively reach its consumers online. The Japanese language is comprised of three written alphabets—hiragana, katakana, and kanji—that can each be used to communicate a message and even the same word multiple ways. Using a certain alphabet for a keyword or a certain level of politeness in content marketing can make a difference in how your message is received by Japanese audiences.

  • Yahoo! Japan

    Yahoo! Japan has been the country’s preferred search engine and portal site. In addition to search capabilities, Yahoo! Japan provides everything from news headlines to weather to shopping all in one place.

  • Google Japan

    Google’s advanced interface has become widely popular in Japan, especially among younger generations. Its algorithms now power many search engine results within Yahoo! Japan, though both require separate, localized SEO strategies and management.

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How SEO Works in Korea

Did you know that Korea is one of very few countries where Google does not dominate its online search market? Because Korea’s online culture differs from other markets, it is especially important to develop a localized strategy that utilizes the right digital platforms and the right content to reach Korean travelers.

  • Naver

    Deriving from the word “navigator,” Naver is the #1 search engine utilized by South Korean users due in part to the other services launched under its platform, such as Naver Blog, News, and Shopping. Naver is specifically designed around the Korean language, making it crucial to optimize your website and content in Korean for it to rank in search. Naver’s homepage takes a noticeably different approach when compared to Google’s simple search bar by covering a variety of topics with banner images, shopping results, and news stories.

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How SEO Works in China

As the largest country in the world by population, China is home to over 1.4 billion people, presenting a huge market of consumers but with an interesting challenge. Because China’s internet regulations block access to many of the sites we’re familiar with in the Western world, businesses face a whole new playing field of digital search habits and social networking systems.

  • Baidu

    Encompassing more than 80% of search, Baidu is the leading search engine in China. In order to successfully gain visibility on Baidu, it’s critical to understand this platform’s SEO best practices and how to implement them both on a business website and within any content marketing efforts.

With some of our servers housed in China, PRTech has the knowledge and equipment needed to help businesses navigate China’s firewall restrictions and become accessible to its citizens.

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