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Napili Kai Beach Resort Develops Online Presence in Japan

Published on July 19, 2013

Maui, Hawaii—Napili Kai Beach Resorts has launched a Japanese language website with a multilingual, online booking system, elevating its presence in Japan.

“Now Japanese International Travelers can book through the official Japanese website in their own language,” said Noriko Puaa, Director of Operations at PRTech, which developed the website. “Travelers can get information on the Napili Kai Beach Resort before arriving in Hawaii.”

PRTech, which specializes in helping organizations increase share and spend of the Asian International Traveler market, organized a team for the project, including a translator, copywriter, two developers, and a project manager.

“It was important that we develop a responsive design for the Japanese website,” said Puaa. “To do this, we rescaled the English website’s graphics and designs according to different browsers.”

Because the Resort’s brand was not known to the Japanese market, when developing the website, PRTech paid special attention to content details and incorporated key words for Search Engine Optimization, especially words related to Hawaii and Maui. PRTech also reorganized and tailored content to appeal to the Japanese travelers’ tastes; they created a travel guide page and activities page about the resort.

The website, with the multilingual, online reservations system and responsive web design, gives Napili Kai Beach Resort entry and exposure in the Japanese market as well as increased online reservations bookings.