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PRTech Named One of Hawaii’s Fastest 50 Growing Companies - 3rd Consecutive Year

Published on August 19, 2010

Honolulu, Hawaii (August 19, 2010) — PRTech was named one of Hawaii’s Fastest 50 Growing Companies by Pacific Business News (PBN) for the 3rd consecutive year. PBN named the winners of its 17th-annual Fastest 50 businesses-growth competition Thursday, August 19, at a sold-out event at the Halekulani.

To qualify for the Fastest 50, companies had to have been in business since at least Jan. 1, 2007; had 2009 revenue that surpassed 2007 revenue; generated more than $100,000 in each of the past three years (but not more than $15 million); and, be a privately held business based in Hawaii.

For a follow-up article, Dave Erdman, President and CEO of PRTech described to PBN how PRTech was able to grow through the recession:

“PRTech has grown by focusing on providing superior results in an area that has a big impact on our clients’ success — increasing the Asian traveler portion of their customer base. Japan and Asian travel markets have been stronger than the U.S. market during this economic downturn. Successful companies that rely on tourists are eager to grow in new ways. Many desire to attract and capture the growing Asian traveler.

“Issues affecting our ability to continue to grow in the next year: Increasing focus on the growing opportunities and trends in emerging Korea and China traveler markets. Keeping current with technology enhancements and continuously studying how potential travelers in Japan, Korea and China consume media and information and make purchasing decisions for travel, travel-related services and merchandise in the destination.” – Dave Erdman, President and CEO